Come Join Us For The 1st ‘Latimer Lounge’


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by Renee Foster

Ah the promise of Spring.

Upon her approach we shed our winter coats and welcome her as we say goodbye to old man winter. We are renewed, reborn and restored as the first green shoots of crocuses and daffodils begin to appear, emerging slowly bringing with them hopes, aspirations and daydreams.

We often wax lyrically about romance eternally as a rite of spring. As such it seems fitting is it that April is National Poetry Month.  

In every culture poetry and the spoken word of the Griot (storyteller) is revered.  Why these particular art forms? Because they delve into our dreams, spark our imaginations and transport us into realms of others. The oral histories passed on by generations past inspire us with tales of morality, courage, strength and survival.

On April 4th LatimerNow will host its inaugural free monthly Latimer Lounge event at  the Lewis Latimer House. Located in Flushing, Queens, it’s the home of a Renaissance man who was a scientist, inventor, draftsman, engineer AND a published poet, was always filled music, literature, sports, laughter and love.  

In acknowledgement of his legacy we welcome, artists, activists, professionals and all lovers of the written and spoken word to join us and sip, mingle, network and rekindle their own spark of creativity and learn about the life of Latimer, a pillar of the Flushing community who inspired so many by his example to explore their own visions artistically.

#Latimer Lounge

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