Tinkering Studio & Lecture Maker Weekend at Latimer House

The historic home of Lewis H. Latimer has always been a gathering place. From the post reconstruction era to nascent Harlem renaissance, the Latimer family home was not only open to the luminaries of the day but also to the community. It was in this spirit LatimerNow opened the doors to the community with our Maker Weekend. It began on Fri. Dec. 6th with our guests from the neighboring Sunflower Day Center to our Tinkering Studio followed on Saturday, Dec. 7th with a Lantern Making workshop co-hosted by NY Shalong (a NY Cultral Saloon) and a lecture by Wang Xinjun, Design director of HCWD Studio in Mandarin, Chinese to celebrate American DIY culture and Lewis H. Latimer’s creative, innovative spirit.

Beyond crafts and the ornamental, the spirit of American DIY is driven by a desire to improve upon the ordinary or to re-invent the mundane with wit, self-expression and practicality. Even though the industrial revolution has enabled us to mass produce many objects and as the digital age continues to transform manufacturing with 3D printing, traditional Maker cultures such as the Amish and the rule breaking Punk cultures as well as today’s current Maker culture, people continue to seek out the one of a kind, handmade, and artisanal referencing those influences with the desire to obtain or to create objects with filled curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Maker DIYLecture

Friends from community and Sunflower Day Care Center that visited the Tinkering Studio.

Friends from community and Sunflower Day Care Center that visited the Tinkering Studio.

Maker Wknd Lanterns Maker Wknd Attendees

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