LatimerNOW x NY Shalong — Post-Event Interview

By Ran Yan, Zhichen Zhao

Ran:       你对法拉盛有什么样的认识和印象?

What’s your impression and thoughts of Flushing?

Zhichen: 对许多华人来说,法拉盛是美食的代名词。这次在法拉盛举办活动后,我看到了法拉盛充满文化气息的一面。她区别于繁花似锦的曼哈顿,但也是纽约城市生活非常重要的、富有特色的组成部分。

To many Chinese people, Flushing is the synonym for authentic Chinese cuisine. With co-hosting this event at Flushing, I have a new understanding of it. Different from the vibrant and exciting Manhattan, Flushing serves as a very important, yet unique aspect of the civic life in New York City.

Ran:       在法拉盛的莱特穆住宅办沙龙与以往有什么不同?

What are the differences of having a lecture at Latimer House in Flushing, compared to a normal lecture?

Zhichen: 能在一座历史民居和博物馆举办一次文化沙龙,是一份非常独特的体验。尤其本期DIY话题与莱特穆的事迹与精神是非常契合的。场所的环境非常温馨,更像一场沙龙而不是讲座。房屋里的展品和布置,让人身临其境,给宾客提供了全方位的体验,非常有趣。

It’s a very special and interesting experience in hosting a salon event at a historical house museum. Especially, the DIY topic of this event is highly coherent of the experiences of Latimer. The house provides a cozy environment, which makes the event more like a salon than a lecture. The set-up and exhibits of the house also provides an immersive and inspiring feeling.

Zhichen: 此次活动与你们的期望一致吗?你们此次与纽约文化沙龙合作有何感受?

Does the event meet your expectations? What’s your impression of co-hosting this event with New York Culture Salon?

Ran:      参与者和工作人员都感到很满意。超出我们预期的是报名观众的热情,可惜场地空间有限不能承载更多的观众!


Through this event our staffs at the house and the Historic House Trust (HHT) all feel confirmed and proud of our mission to revitalize the house by engaging various communities. The enthusiasm of the audience exceeded our expectations. We wish we could host as many people as we want! NY Shalong has an intriguing selection of topics with an attention to the current events and trends. We’re very glad to cooperate together.

Ran:       这次活动以及同莱特穆住宅/纽约历史住宅基金会的合作带给你们什么感想和启发?

What thoughts and inspirations did the event and the collaboration with the Latimer House/HHT bring to you?

Zhichen: 文化沙龙一直在固定的教室举办,主要通过语言、文字、图像、影响实现知识和思想的传递。这次活动给予我很强的启发,我们应该尝试更多不同的场所,让环境本身成为沙龙活动的一个载体。另外,作为一个新注册的机构,我也希望有更多与其他非营利机构合作的机会,借鉴学习前辈们的管理经验。

Our salon events have been hosted in a classroom most of the time. Knowledge and thoughts are exchanged by means of speech, slides and videos. This event (at the Latimer House) inspires me to explore more locales; to make the environment itself serves as an approach for presenting ideas. Also, as a newly registered non-profit organization, the Salon needs more co-operations with and to learn from other non-profit organizations.

Ran:       路易.莱特穆的人生带给你什么启发?

How did Lewis Latimer’s life inspire you?

Zhichen: 莱特穆的努力超越了种族、教育环境、家庭背景等出身条件的限制。足够的天赋、勤奋的学习、努力的工作,最终可以创造并实现自己的价值。

Latimer’s efforts led to his success regardless of the barriers laid against him by ethnicity, educational and family background. Sufficient talent, industriousness and hard working will eventually help to realize personal values and achievements.

Ran:       纽约文化沙龙是如何吸引目标人群并确保观众持续热情的?

How does NY Shalong attract target audience and keep them engaged?

Zhichen: 沙龙活动通过主讲人的专业性保持话题的可信度;通过主讲人的精心准备保证内容充实与有趣;通过大家积极自荐与推荐保持话题的多样性。是参与者对分享理念的认同和对精神生活的需求保证了沙龙活动的兴盛。

We try to keep the authenticity, richness and diversity of the topics and contents. It’s our members’ appreciation, enthusiasm and willingness to share that make it thrive.

Ran:     你希望在莱特穆住宅做什么?看到什么?

What exhibitions/activities do you expect to see or do at the Latimer House?

Zhichen: 希望在这里看到更多手工作坊的活动,比如实践本期活动中提到的木工、模具等的使用技巧,以及自己设计制作小礼物的课程。

I wish to see more DIY workshops at the house. For example, to practice the techniques discussed in this lecture; or to design and craft a customized gift.

Zhichen: 你们以后打算在莱特穆住宅中办怎样的活动?

What’re your plans on events to be hold at the house in the future?

Ran:       我们将继续常规化每周五的手工作坊,同MFTA的老师合作,在现有的灯笼、机器人、拼贴等内容的基础上开发更多激动人心的制作主题,也为成人提供更多动手的机会。同时在2015年每周五、六开放讲解。我们接下来的一个重要特殊活动是举办关于社会公正的研讨会,就当今全世界范围发生的相关事件邀请各专业人士来探讨种族歧视、政治自由和社会公正的话题,启发人们的思考和争取权益运动。

We will further regularize the Tinkering Lab workshops through cooperation with Materials for the Arts (MFTA), and explore more exciting hands-on themes for adults, building on the existing activities like lantern making, robot building, mosaic, etc. At the same time, Latimer House will be opening for more hours with tours on Fridays and Saturdays in 2015. The next special event coming up would be focused on Social Justice, with stakeholders, experts, and representatives from organizations speaking on the topics of racial bias, political freedom, and social justice. We’re all deeply inspired by the recent incidents and movements around the world, and would like to see the house acting as a social justice Launchpad.

Zhichen: 你们认为莱特穆住宅在历史住宅基金会中扮演怎样的角色?

What role do you think the Latimer House plays in the Historic House Trust?

Ran:       作为基金会的一个先锋项目,莱特穆住宅利用自身独特的房屋现状、人文地理环境和历史背景,融合法拉盛迅速变化中的社会资源,代表着基金会主席弗兰克林.维诺提出的全新的历史住宅运作理念,并在“莱特穆.此刻”这个项目的各方面一以贯之。

As a pilot project under HHT, Latimer House utilizes its unique structural condition, geographical environment, and historic context, to incorporate the fast-changing social resources in Flushing, Queens. It represents the innovative ideas in Anarchist Guide To Historic House Museums, proposed by HHT’s Executive Director, Franklin Vagnone. We’re piloting a renaissance in historic house museums.

Ran:       其他建议和感想:

Any other advice or thoughts?


Heartily wish to have more cooperation opportunities with New York Historical House Trust and Latimer House Museum!

Ran:       谢谢智沉。

Thanks Zhichen.

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