November and December Recap

A Collection of Robots Created at the Latimer House

A Collection of Robots Created at the Latimer House

The Lewis H. Latimer House kicked off it’s new Tinkering Room with MFTA’s Teaching Artist Mollie Roth and the neighboring community as they explored the idea of “Inside Out” where ideas came alive using computer circuit boards, machine parts, and the nuts and bolts of yesterday’s gadgets to create new and exciting works as well as celebrating the holiday season by creating original artwork together.

Reinventing with Reuse

stampsIn the spirit of invention, Tinkerers find new ways to incorporate materials once used in electronics, computers, and industry to create their own bold, unique works of art.


During a visit from some of the young neighbors from the daycare center across the street, tinkerers discovered the results of applying paint to paper using washers, nuts, bolts and machine parts attached to cork focusing on creating designs using repetition.

half builtRobot Building

Visiting from the community center around the corner, several school aged tinkers sifted through bins full of parts from dismantled computes, remote controls, non functional calculators, and used circuit robofaceboards, plugs, keys, and more to create robot like creatures and vehicles born from the own imagination and additive application of found object materials.

Lighting the Latimer House – December 6th 2015

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, the Latimer House’s doors were open to the community for the lighting of their tree. The many visitor who passed through participated in making their own lanterns that were hung in the Tinkering Room or taken for souvenirs of their visit. One set of visiting tinkerers included three generations of family members visiting for the holidays, all working together to make a festive and creative event to remember their trip by.

up ribbonslanterns

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