Unconquerable Series To Begin on 1/24

Join the Lewis H. Latimer Historic House for a public dialogue around social justice and social change. On Saturday January 24th @ 2pm community in Flushing Queens and beyond will join 100+ groups across the country in a People’s State of the Union. We come together at the Lewis Latimer Historic House Museum to reflect on where we think the country is going from a ‘New York state of mind’.

Latimer House is partnering with the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture and Museum Hue to host this creative gathering that will include art, food, and conversation about the state of the union. We will share stories about our own experiences of optimism, hope, humor, sadness, longing, rage, pride, shame and truth in this country and in our communities. We will also listen openly to others’ stories without judgment or critique, and come to know each other and the state of our union better.

Unconquerable social justice salons (1)

Come out to discuss with us, share your most important Stories from 2014. We want to hear issues relevant to your community, your country your culture; and address concerns around human rights, brutality and quality of life, inspiring choice, change and connection with our neighbors and ourselves.

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