“Unconquerable”: Stories of Belonging, Diversity, and Overcoming Injustice

At our Story Circle on Saturday Jan. 24th, the launching event of “Unconquerable” Social Justice Salons, people shared with us some most inspiring stories from their personal experiences. (Thanks for partnering: Museum Hue; to read more stories of all topics from across the country, visit: U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.)

Our participants include Angela Polite, performing artist from Harlem, John Choe, long-time Flushing resident, Director of One Flushing, and Stephanie Cunningham from Museum Hue, among others, assembling a small group covering a diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds. The stories shared range from fighting against racial stereotypes in college, being saved by refugees in a remote area of China, and saying no to unjust work environment in established places of New York City, to being exposed to and understanding immigrant cultures for the first time in one’s life. We are exhilarated to offer the records to inspire more!

在1月24日周六我们在莱特穆住宅举办了故事圈,作为“Unconquerable”系列社会公正主题沙龙的开幕活动。来访者同大家分享了很多非常有启发性的人生小故事。活动参与者包括来自哈雷区的演员Angela,One Flushing的总监John Choe,以及来自文化组织Museum Hue的Stephanie,等等,他们一同组成了来自不同民族和背景的小而多样化的团体。在这些我们分享的故事中有关于在大学里挑战种族成见并获得意外收获的,关于在某中国偏远地区被难民救助的,和关于向纽约市依然存在的一些不公正的工作环境说不的,以及有关人生中第一次体验并开始理解移民文化的种种。我们以无比振奋的心情在此同大家分享这些故事!

(感谢Museum Hue共同主办。在美国文化艺术部的网站上还可以看到来自全美普通人分享的更多不同主题的故事。)

923 25 IMG_3146 IMG_3147 IMG_3151

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