He Served in the Civil War — Historical Reenactment on May 1

On May 1, the house held a historical reenactment in memory of Lewis H. Latimer’s service in the navy during the American Civil War. When Latimer was barely 16, he joined the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron despite the minimum age requirement (18), to bring an end to slavery. Assigned as a landsman to the gunboat USS Massasoit, he was one of the more than 185,000 black soldiers in the Colored Troops, along with Native American, Chinese American and Hispanic soldiers.

The reenactment was led by NY 26th USCT (United States Colored Troops), a project of CHE Nautical & Enviro Edutainment. The community interacted, listened, discussed, and acted in the garden of Lewis Latimer House.

Photo May 01, 2 58 30 PMPhoto May 01, 3 22 02 PMPhoto May 01, 3 27 28 PM

Photo May 01, 3 55 52 PMPhoto May 01, 3 59 21 PM


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