Light On Sound Poetry Workshop and Art Installation

pink window horizontal

LIGHT ON SOUND is a community art project that expands upon Lewis Latimer’s inventions in electrical lighting, his artistic endeavors and love for poetry. Participants from the Flushing community and New York City are invited to write and speak lines of poetry for an interactive art installation at The Latimer House and the surrounding neighborhood. No prior writing experience necessary. All ages are welcome. Please bring to the workshop a poem that you love in any language!

Led by interdisciplinary artists Maya Pindyck and Jessica Houston, the project’s first stage is composed of two poetry workshops with the community. The first workshop will be held at Lewis H. Latimer House Museum on May 23rd, from 3-5 pm.

Participants will be invited to explore, through poetry, their own relationships to themes spanning personal memory and political struggle. They will then be recorded reading aloud a poem of their choice—the poem they generated at the workshop, or a poem by another author.

In the summer months, the artists will install two poetry-sound-sculptures, both activated by light, in the Latimer House, and also place plaques around the neighborhood inviting people to call a phone number and listen to a distinct recording of a poem being read by a member of the community.


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