Light Invention Workshop May 29

By Cynthia Chen


Lewis Latimer worked with Hiram Maxim on a light bulb that was an improvement on Thomas Edison’s light bulb. The filament that Latimer devised had a protective carbon casing, making their light bulb last longer and therefore cheaper. To celebrate the impact this improvement made our ability to use electric light today, we had a workshop for inventing new lighting devices.


Students were asked to invent a new lighting device or improve upon an existing one. They were asked to think about materials used in construction, how it gets power, and where or how it is used. We had a share out at the end of the sessions. Many of the inventions included devices that change color according to one’s mood. One student’s design was called the Rolling Mood Light, which is made with a rubber translucent casing, and the center holds a color changing light that receives the person’s mood through a voice recorder. The Rolling Mood Light can be thrown to help a person’s mood by adding a physical movement to the light.

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