LatimerNOW Tinkerer – Electronic Instrument Wrap Up

The participants of the Electronic Musical Instrument project at The Lewis H. Latimer House Museum have completed their musical instruments!

For the past eight Sundays, the participants of these projects have been experimenting with new digital media and design practices to bring to life the beauty of expression born of two disciplines which often seem diametrically opposed – art and technology.
Our exploration into the conductive properties of matter began as an enquiry through the following question: Are human beings conductive? Participants tested their understanding by forming a human circuit composed of people and electronics. Participants realized that the electrons in their own bodies helped to close a circuit linked to electronic devises, turning on computer-programmed sounds.

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Lewis H. Latimer House’s Tinker Lab Featured in PIX11 Morning News

We wanted to share with all this lovely video report that PIX11 did on the Tinker Lab activities with school kids in Latimer House.
It is truly rewarding and fun to see the Tinkering in action, and the children explaining Latimer’s technology legacy exhibited in the Latimer House!

Tinker Lab 2017 Spring Class 2: Biologically-Inspired Robot

8-Week Immersive Class: (best for children 7-13 years old)

1:30pm – 4:30pm on each Sunday

March 26 – May 14

The Tinker Lab class in Biologically-Inspired Robot has been expanded to 8 weeks, building on the foundation of past classes. Students will be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience in programming and design using several different software. To keep the tinkering fun affordable, the new class is set at the same hourly price with the 5-week class in 2016.

Access online registration here.

Download the syllabus for Biologically Inspired Robot.


Tinker Lab 2017 Spring: Electronic Instrument Class

Video: Our #STEAM #educator Karioki playing with #electronic #guitar and #drum made in #TinkerLab.

8-Week Immersive Class: 1:30pm – 4:30pm on each Sunday, January 22 – May 12 (best for children 7-13 years old.)

The Tinker Lab class in Electronic Instrument has been expanded to 8 weeks, building on the foundation of past classes in Bio Bot. Students will be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience in programming and design using several different software. To keep the tinkering fun affordable, the new class is set at the same hourly price with the 5-week class in 2016.

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Queens Writers on the Complexities of Making Home


On the Friday evening of November 4th 2016, we had a special reading in the house by an Artist Peer Circle of the Queens Council on the Arts. Four writers based in Queens―and with roots in China, Croatia, Kosovo, South Africa, Taiwan, and other parts of the Americas―find, lose, and make their way home through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Readers: Artrit Bytyci, Malcolm Chang, Catherine Kapphahn, and Doreen Wang.
Facilitator: Tim Fredrick.


Our favorite moments of the night include Doreen Wang explaining the two kinds of home — the one you were born into and the one you create by building your own family, Artrit Bytyci telling the story of his grandma being dislocated from her home because of the political turmoil in the communist countries and breaking the mental borders, Catherine Kapphahn’s journey of collecting and putting together pieces of her mom through continuous “guessing, imagining, and searching,” and lastly, how Malcolm Chang faced and combated racial disparity and white supremacy as a Chinese diaspora in South Africa.

We also just simply loved having a group of diverse writers and audience in the historic home of Lewis H. Latimer in Flushing, Queens, echoing his personal path of defining a humane home against all odds.


To read the writers’ biographies, please visit the event page of Queens Council on the Arts or the LatimerNOW Instagram account.

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Highlights: Maker Faire + Tinkering Lab Open House & Fall Class Syllabus

Good news! We won the Best in Class at the 2016 Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science from October 1 to October 2. Thank you all for joining us. We hope to see you again next year!


On October 9, we held our own Tinkering Lab Open House at the Lewis H. Latimer House Museum. With a full house of participants, the Tinkering Lab demonstrated to the parents and children what fun they can enjoy while learning science and arts in the museum.

The fall class is almost full with a month left before starting. If you’d like to sign up, please go to our online application before space runs out.


The 2016 Fall Tinkering Lab Class Syllabus is available to download below:



Fall Class Now Open at Tinkering Lab! 秋季科技创意课程报名

We are continuing the explorational education here at the Tinkering Lab through the fall with Sunday programs in science and art!


Tinkering Lab 2016 Fall classes are held from Nov. 6 to Dec. 4 on Sundays, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, for $150.

Class size is limited to 10-12 children, open to children about 6-12 years old.

Class will teach children the basic mechanics of robots, to design and build biologically inspired robots, and to combine the use of scientific principles and artistic rules.

Learning Targets:

  • I can use the Engineering and Design Cycle to inform the way I plan and create my projects.
  • I can identify basic mechanisms in everyday objects
  • I can develop questions that help me design an objects purpose and function.
  • I can understand different types of forces and the directions in which they occur in a basic mechanism.
  • I can think through a motion both visually and spatially and hypothesize how it might occur.
  • I can design a mechanism that mimics movement in a plant or animal.
  • I can identify behavioral and physical characteristics of an animal and model them using robotics.
  • I can connect external devices (input output) to a micro-controller.
  • I can develop a computer program that controls the external devises and mimics an animal’s behavior.

For registration information, please visit our online system.

You can also register by walking in or calling in during our opening hours: 12pm-5pm, Wed. Fri. Sun.

Tinkering Lab Open House will be held on Sunday Oct. 9, 1pm-5pm. You can view our September event and Tinkering Lab 2016 Summer Camp wrap-up here.




“The Tanglelows” A Book Reading Event for Children and Adults

Traveling The Twisting Troubling Tanglelows Trail

Arrives at LatimerNow!


Flushing, NY Sunday September 25th, author GREG MCGOON will enchant children and parents alike with a live reading & book signing of his rhythmic, lushly illustrated, lyrical tale of The Tanglelows at the Lewis H. Latimer House from 3pm to 5pm at 34-41 137th St. Flushing, NY 11354. The Tanglelows are a visual representation of our interior lives. This tale for all ages is written in a poetic, spoken word style that invites one to reflect on one’s complex emotions in a Seuss inspired, whimsical way.


As we approach school re-opening in a few weeks, many first timers will know what social anxiety feels like…whether it’s kindergarten, middle, freshman year or whatever the “new normal” may be for an adult facing new challenges or circumstances.


This premiere book featuring The Tanglelows, the first installment in a series, teaches children how to navigate their feelings and encourages abstract thought, while giving families a tool for voicing their emotions. The Tanglelows, illustrated by Jessa Orr, has already been hailed as “a great family read” which “stimulates rich discussion” by Dr. Mary Baker-Ericzén of the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center, who also called it “a useful tool for psychologists to use in treatment.”


GREG McGOON is an author and stage actor with a degree in psychology from the University of San Diego. He attended the Claremont School of Theatre Arts as a child and was later an instructor with the program. Greg is the Founder and Executive Director of Artcentricity Inc., a non-profit children’s creative arts experience focused on child development. His books explore children’s feelings about themselves and the world around them. He is a performer with the National Drama Troupe in Ghana and leads workshops with the California State Thespian Festival.


PELEKINESIS is an independent book publishing company focusing on the development of literary-minded authors and artists by embracing the evolving publishing paradigm and creatively supporting the skills of talented writers. Get your copy of The Tanglelows here:


“Red September” Book Signing & Discussion with Marita Berry


1 pm,  August 14, 2016

Lewis H. Latimer House Museum

34-41 137th St. Flushing, NY 11354


Join us for an afternoon of reading, discussion, and book signing with Marita Berry in the parlor of Lewis H. Latimer House Museum.  Refreshments will be served.



NEW YORK CITY, NY., AUGUST 14, 2016:  Author, Marita Berry pulls back the curtain on a coming-of-age novel set on a small, fictional, Caribbean island named Taino, in the West Indies. This story speaks of Constance (Connie) Brown who has known only the rhythms of life on her small island – but her life is far from a holiday in paradise. As the 1950s dawn, Connie blooms into a beautiful and intelligent young woman. After the death of their father, Connie and her three younger siblings fight to survive in a home ruled by their abusive, alcoholic mother. As the eldest, Connie is left with little choice but to care for the little ones, and that doesn’t leave much time for her own dreams. Until she meets Nathaniel (Nathan) Hart, a charismatic twenty-one-year-old from New York. Nathan is visiting the island on family business, but the sight of Connie inspires him to shift priorities. For Connie, life is filled with hard choices too: Will she dare to hold a dream just for herself and follow her heart? Or bow to the burdens of caring for her family?  Find out in Red September.


“RED SEPTEMBER” is a story that is truly heartwarming and many readers will understand and recognize that love found, love lost, and love found again through much pain and misunderstanding is a universal phenomenon.

Grace F. Edwards, author of In the Shadow of the Peacock, If I Should Die, A Toast Before Dying, No Time To Die, Do Or Die, The Viaduct, and The Blind Alley.


Red September is a novel that travels between the warm and enchanting tropical isle of Taino in the Caribbean and the cold, harsh reality of New York City. In has a woven love story that captures the immigrant experience in a new country while invoking nostalgia for the age of innocence that we all cherish in times that will never return.

Kenneth Puddicombe, author of RACING WITH THE RAIN and JUNTA available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Connect with the author on her WebsiteTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.


The book Red September can be purchased at:


Reactionary: An Exploration of Poetry and Place

Latimer 0716 Twitter

Sunday July 24, 2016

2:30 pm–5 pm

Tour from 2:30 to 3pm; event begins at 3pm

Lewis H. Latimer House Museum, 34-41 137th Street, Flushing, NY 11354


REACTIONARY: An Exploration of Poetry & Place


Newtown Literary editors will facilitate a workshop and reading that explores history, motion, and place. Using the Lewis Latimer House Museum as inspiration, poetry prompts will be provided in several spaces inside the house and its garden, asking participants to respond to their surroundings. We will draw from Lewis Latimer’s life and career as well as from articles inside his home, the home’s architecture, and the encompassing neighborhood. Participants will have the opportunity to share their work, and readings by three Newtown contributors will take place as we move through the museum’s landscape, from its history to the present.


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