Light up A New Year at Lewis H. Latimer’s Home


On 12/16, we lit up the Christmas tree at Lewis H. Latimer’s home. Local families and children from Latimer Gardens Community Center celebrated at the event with Congresswoman Grace Meng, Councilman Peter Koo, and volunteers from HSBC. The audience also participated in Tinker Fest, organized in partnership with AIA Queens. You can view more photos from the event here.

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Elias’ Adventure at the Latimer House Museum


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Elias with summer Tinker Lab participants from Latimer Gardens Community Center. Photo Credit: Latimer House Museum


I came to the Latimer House for the first time on a school trip in the Second Grade, in 2009. Since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for history. I would go to the library and pick up books on random topics. People always ask me “how are you so good at history?” I just laugh and tell them I read. I knew Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb but I learned during the school trip that it was Lewis Latimer who improved on the carbon filament. I also learned that Latimer worked with Alexander Graham Bell on securing a patent for the telephone.  I remember being so captivated by this new information and it has stuck with me since.

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Latimer House Receives IMLS Grant in Support of African American Heritage


— The Museum Aims to Reach Local School Population

Flushing, NY—The Lewis H. Latimer House Museum has received a federal grant totaling $24,950.00 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as one of 16 grantees in fiscal year 2017, through the Museum Grants for African American History and Culture.

The Latimer House will use this grant to further its mission in education by upgrading its School Program including lesson plans and packages connected to Lewis Latimer and meeting the New York City Common Core and New York State Standards. The funding will also enable the museum to carry out extensive outreach activities in surrounding School Districts.

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Thank You Delta Sigma Theta Sorority!

The Queens Alumna Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. holds up an honored tradition by making a contribution of $1245.00 on 6/10/2017 to the Lewis Howard Latimer Fund, Inc., to help the museum enhance its educational and programmatic projects, in addition to various activities that pay tribute to Lewis H. Latimer and showcase the contributions of African American scientists to the American way of living.


From right to left, Diane Webster from Delta Sigma Theta, Alfred Rankins and Ran Yan from Lewis H. Latimer House.

Want to join the league of Delta Sigma Theta in affirmation of humanity and support for African American heritage? Make a donation today

Queens Writes Weekend & Wavelengths Reading

Lewis H. Latimer House participated in the annual Queens Writes Weekend on 5/20, with the site theme “Rainbow Haikus,” and Queens-based writer Sherese Francis as Site Captain. We were surprised and delighted to learn the love of haikus many writers share, eg. Richard Wright, Sonia Sanchez, and Jack Kerouac all published books of haikus.

Here are some of the haikus the participants wrote we’d like to share with you:

“My face is changing:
a constellation of spots
brands me to the sky”
“Bedbug so tiny
moving materialism

almost telepathically”.

— Nancy Agabian

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Light Spectrum Opens at Latimer House Museum

On April 15, visitors gathered around under the last blossom of cherry trees to see the new outdoor sculpture piece of Lewis H. Latimer House, Light Spectrum, created by Queens-based artist Antonia A Perez. NY1 reporter captured the view of Light Spectrum before the event in this video:

“A Flushing museum brings in a new sculpture to encourage people to learn about an unsung pioneer of electricity.

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LatimerNOW Tinkerer – Electronic Instrument Wrap Up

The participants of the Electronic Musical Instrument project at The Lewis H. Latimer House Museum have completed their musical instruments!

For the past eight Sundays, the participants of these projects have been experimenting with new digital media and design practices to bring to life the beauty of expression born of two disciplines which often seem diametrically opposed – art and technology.
Our exploration into the conductive properties of matter began as an enquiry through the following question: Are human beings conductive? Participants tested their understanding by forming a human circuit composed of people and electronics. Participants realized that the electrons in their own bodies helped to close a circuit linked to electronic devises, turning on computer-programmed sounds.

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Lewis H. Latimer House’s Tinker Lab Featured in PIX11 Morning News

We wanted to share with all this lovely video report that PIX11 did on the Tinker Lab activities with school kids in Latimer House.
It is truly rewarding and fun to see the Tinkering in action, and the children explaining Latimer’s technology legacy exhibited in the Latimer House!

Tinker Lab 2017 Spring Class 2: Biologically-Inspired Robot

8-Week Immersive Class: (best for children 7-13 years old)

1:30pm – 4:30pm on each Sunday

March 26 – May 14

The Tinker Lab class in Biologically-Inspired Robot has been expanded to 8 weeks, building on the foundation of past classes. Students will be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience in programming and design using several different software. To keep the tinkering fun affordable, the new class is set at the same hourly price with the 5-week class in 2016.

Access online registration here.

Download the syllabus for Biologically Inspired Robot.


Tinker Lab 2017 Spring: Electronic Instrument Class

Video: Our #STEAM #educator Karioki playing with #electronic #guitar and #drum made in #TinkerLab.

8-Week Immersive Class: 1:30pm – 4:30pm on each Sunday, January 22 – May 12 (best for children 7-13 years old.)

The Tinker Lab class in Electronic Instrument has been expanded to 8 weeks, building on the foundation of past classes in Bio Bot. Students will be able to enjoy a comprehensive experience in programming and design using several different software. To keep the tinkering fun affordable, the new class is set at the same hourly price with the 5-week class in 2016.

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