Tinker Lab

The Tinker Lab is the key educational program at Lewis H. Latimer House Museum to serve high-quality, innovative hands-on activities treating science and technology as an integral part of the humanities. In the Tinker Lab, participants use an array of technologies such as Scratch, Ev3, and Wedo, and build from scratch using various micro-controllers, proto boards, and coding programs. The museum sees the drive to build in three-dimensional spaces and coding as an invaluable 21st century literacy skillset.

Watch an video of example activities in tinkering and students telling the story of Lewis H. Latimer.


Tinker Lab Birthday Party

Featured Tinker Activity: HEBOCON. Hebocon is a robot sumo-wrestling “competition.” It is a competition where robots–that have been built out of re-use materials –gather and somehow manage to engage in odd, funny battles. 

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To enquire about or book a Tinker Lab birthday party, please email education@latimernow.org.


Tinker Lab Winter Camp 2019


Ages 6-14, 9am-12pm, Monday-Friday

February 18 – February 22, 2019.

Mid-Winter Break!

In this one-week morning camp, kids ages 6-14 will explore the science of light and color.  From pigments to pixels, participants will learn how light works through a variety of STEAM activities such as making photographs, kaleidoscopes, periscopes, and more.  

Fee: $150 for 5 sessions – 3 hours/session.

Registration for this camp is closed.